Anyone Can Run a Marathon – Yes, Even You!

I just used my lunch break to watch this documentary from NOVA, following 13 sedentary non-athletes and their nine-month quest to run the Boston Marathon.

Inspiring and encouraging for those days when it’s hard to maintain your training schedule!

If you are a runner (or wondering about how to get started) then you should definitely watch this documentary. It is long but worth watching all the way through.

Thanks to my Twitter friend @Oblinkin for the original link. I found it here on RunBlogger, in his post explaining why you should consider running a marathon. Had I not already made this decision, his article would have convinced me!


  1. Fantastic video!!! gives a lot of insight not only in the physiology but also in the psychological and sociological aspects of running.
    Very inspiring and educational!!!
    thanks Rob and Alex for sharing it

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